Club is dedicated to giving students hands-on experience and access to parts and equipment free of charge. We meet on Tuesdays for tutorials on theory (electronics, signals, embedded programming, design tools, etc.) with application to a project. On Thursdays we meet to work with sensors and off-the-shelf parts to assemble robots and other cool stuff that we can go to competitions with. You can join or drop in any time. No commitment or notification is required. See our Schedule for more details.

On the week of November 25th we are joined by the engineer from the semiconductor industry. He will talk about current industry demands and directions as well about microcontroller architecture.


In fall semester we will work our way to gain knowledge and skills to control a dc motor with microcontroller from very scratch. By the end of the semester one would have their own designed motor driver shield that will work with both Arduino and ARM Cortex M0+ MCU based board. This will involve learning theory about motor types and their control, transistors, H-bridges, voltage regulation, charge pumps, PCB CAD layout, prototyping techniques, Arduino and introduction to bare-metal programming on ARM, which will be continued in Winter semester. Tutorials are free and run on Tuesdays at 6:00pm in ENG 303. See our Schedule. You will easily catch up regardless of when you decide to join. It is highly recommended to bring your laptops. Tutorial notes, if any, will be uploaded to the Tutorials and Sessions the day after our weekly meeting.

Practice Sessions

On Thursdays you will be able to take any available off-the-shelf parts like Xbee modules, IR sensors, Bluetooth transmitters, etc. and build anything with them. Particularly, you can build robots and participate in competitions in spring, after exams. Registration fees, flights, hotels other expenses in Calgary or New York are paid completely by HEC.

As well, during both semesters we are collaborating with Ryersosn Architecture Department and help architecture students create interactive projects that go to Nuit Blanche, Toronto Offsite Festival, Gladstone Hotel exhibition “Come Up to My Room” and more. See previous collaborative projects here and here .