Adjunct Professor Appointments Qualifications & Guidelines

Adjunct appointments are bestowed upon distinguished individuals, employed outside of Toronto Metropolitan University. Such individuals shall have outstanding recognition, exemplary achievement, or special expertise, from which the Department could significantly benefit in its endeavours in research, teaching, or administration, or they must be distinguished professionals who will provide opportunities for on-going collaboration that will augment the academic programs of the Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering.

Required Set of Qualifications:

One or more of the following:

  • full-time employment at a recognized and accredited university of national or international stature;
  • full-time employment in a primarily non-academic institution, but candidate must have exceptional skill or expertise that will greatly benefit the departmental agenda and cachet;
  • full-time faculty appointment at another university but have existing academic links (e.g., through graduate supervision, research grants, etc.) due to a past full-time appointment at Ryerson University;
  • full-time member of an institution that is part of an inter-institutional agreement with Toronto Metropolitan University;
  • qualified employment in national labs, recognized research institutions, or agencies that have agreements with Toronto Metropolitan University.


It should be pointed out that meeting one or more of the above qualifications does not guarantee an adjunct appointment; the decision is at the discretion of the Department Chair and the Departmental Hiring Committee, taking into consideration the candidate’s qualifications and the exigency of the Department. Furthermore, if supervision of graduate students is one of the expected activities of the appointment, then a separate application to the Yeates School of Graduate Studies (YSGS) would also need to be submitted.

Guidelines and expectations

  • adjunct appointments are non-salaried and non-remunerated;
  • adjunct appointments will not be awarded to a continuing academic (e.g., a Ph.D. candidate or a Post-Doctoral Fellow);
  • typical appointments are maximum 3 years in duration;
  • appointment renewal is possible but the candidate must go through the application process again. The decision of appointment will then be based on the past term performance and on current departmental needs and/or plans;
  • there is no guarantee for provisioning of departmental office space. This is solely at the discretion of the Department Chair and based on availability and departmental needs;
  • adjunct appointees will have access to IT, library resources and a departmental email address;
  • adjunct appointments will be reviewed on a regular basis;
  • adjuncts are responsible for their own travel and other expenses and costs;
  • adjuncts must inform and seek approval from the Chair before initiating any SRC activity that uses labs or other facilities within Toronto Metropolitan University;
  • adjunct appointments must get Toronto Metropolitan University Research Ethics Board approval for any project that requires the use of human subjects.
  • adjunct appointees are expected to submit a yearly report as to their activities and contributions to the department. This is due May 31 of each year of the appointment;
  • acknowledgement of affiliation to the Department and Toronto Metropolitan University must be made in all publications, scholarly works and presentations that result from the appointment;
  • adjuncts are bound by Toronto Metropolitan University’s academic and research policies; and
  • adjunct appointments can be terminated early if the appointee displays unbecoming, unethical, and/or exhibits non-collegial behaviour or long periods of inactivity and/or non-participation.


Qualified candidates wishing to apply for adjunct status can send their CV, along with a cover letter stating their interest and plan, to the Department Chair ( Please note: Only applications sent directly by the candidate will be accepted for consideration.