Gosha Zywno

Professor • 3M Teaching Fellow

Malgorzata S. (Gosha) Zywno received the Magister Engineer degree in Electrical Engineering, from Technical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland in 1977, the M.Eng. degree from the University of Toronto in 1990, and her Ph.D. degree from Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, in 2003. Dr. Zywno is a Professional Engineer (1984), a Senior Member of IEEE (2003) and a Fellow of Engineers Canada (2009). She is also a member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) since 2000 and of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) since 2002.

Dr. Zywno has been with the Department of Electrical Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, Canada since 1982, first as a Limited Term faculty, and since 1998 in a Tenure-Track position. She received Tenure in 1991 and was promoted to Full Professor in 2008. She was a Visiting Professor at the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand (2006), at the University of Technology, Business and Design, Wismar, Germany (2003), and at Université D'Artois, Bethune, France (1999, 2000, 2001). Dr. Zywno is Ryerson University's first, and still only, recipient of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, the most distinguished award for university teaching in Canada.

Dr. Zywno's industrial experience prior to the faculty appointment at Ryersonincluded working for Institute of Heat Technology, Lodz, Poland (1980) and for Ontario Hydro, Toronto, Canada (1986, 1987).

Dr. Zywno has been a Faculty Associate of the Learning & Teaching Office (LTO) at Ryerson University since 2002. She has been volunteering on behalf of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) since 1991, and has been a member of the PEO's Academic Requirements Committee since 1993.


Professor Zywno's field of expertise is Control Systems. Over the past decade her main research interests have been in Engineering Education. Her research was on the impact of learning styles, instructional technology use, active learning, and more recently, Emotional Intelligence (EI) on student academic achievement. Currently, Dr. Zywno's professional focus, through her work with the LTO, is on educational development of faculty at Ryerson University through the University Teaching Development Program (UTDP). Dr. Zywno authored or co-authored 46 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings and delivered 67 invited presentations, including 12 keynote addresses at various conferences.


  • 2010 Ryerson University Chancellor's Award of Distinction
  • 2009 Fellow of Engineers Canada (F.E.C.)
  • 2009 Ryerson IEEE Professor of the Year Award
  • 2009 Ontario Volunteer Service Award
  • 2007 Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) Order of Honour, rank of Member
  • 2007 Province of Ontario Leadership in Faculty Teaching (LIFT) Award
  • 2005 Canadian Engineers Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education
  • 2005 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Sharon KeillorAward for Women in Engineering Education
  • 2005 Ryerson IEEE Professor of the Year Award
  • 2004 The Learning Partnership Technology Innovation Award, Ontario
  • 2004 Selected Paper Award at at the 15th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Jacksonville, FLA.
  • 2003 Overall Best Paper at the Conference Award and Professional Interest Council (PIC) V Best Paper Award at the 2003 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Montreal, QC.
  • 2003 Ontario Confederation of University Faculties Association (OCUFA) Teaching Award
  • 2003 Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science (FEAS) Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2003 Ryerson University GREET Teaching Award
  • 2002 3M National Teaching Fellowship
  • 2002 International Network for Engineering Education and Research (iNEER) Achievement Award
  • 2002 UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education (UICEE) Silver Badge of Honour
  • 2002 Second Place Best Paper Award at the 3rd UICEE Global Congress on Engineering Education, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
  • 2002 Best Paper in Session on Control Education at the 2002 American Control Conference (ACC), Anchorage, AK.