Muhammad Jaseemuddin

Professor • Program Director, Computer Networks Master of Engineering

Muhammad Jaseemuddin received B.E. from N.E.D. University of Engg. & Tech., Karachi, Pakistan, in 1989, M. S. from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1991, and Ph.D. from The University of Toronto in 1997. He worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Network Architecture Lab at The University of Toronto on Network Management using Virtual Network. He worked in Advanced IP group and Wireless Technology Lab (WTL) at Nortel Networks from 1998 to 2001. He worked on Wireless Service Delivery Platform and UMTS VHE prototype for mobile service delivery. He contributed to the development and implementation of Open IP suite of IP protocols. In WTL, he worked on QoS, Routing and Handover issues in mobile wireless IP access network. He has been Associate Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University since 2002.


  • IP networking
  • mobile wireless access network
  • IP routing
  • content distribution internetworking