Program at Ryerson

Research Project


(Academic Position)

Soumitra Das

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2014 2015)

Direct Torque Control for CSI Fed MV Drives

Assistant Professor,

National Institute of Technology, Goa, India

Venkata Yaramasu

PhD student

(2008 – 2014)

Model Predictive Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Assistant Professor,

North Arizona University, USA

Jason J.C. Wang

PhD student

(2006 – 2012)

High-Power Multi-modular Matrix Converters

Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Masood Hajian

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2010 2011)

LCL Thyristor Resonant DC/DC Converters for HVDC Applications

Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UK

Wuhua Li

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2010 – 2011)

Switch Mode Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems

Assistant Professor

Zhejiang University, China

Samir Kouro

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2009 – 2011)

High Power Multilevel Converters for Renewable Energy Systems

Research Academic, University of Santa Maria, Chile

Zheng Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2008 – 2009)

High-speed Current Source Inverter Fed Medium Voltage (MV) Drives

Assistant Professor,

Southeast Univeristy, China

Hua Geng

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2008 – 2010)

Smooth Control of Wind Power to Power Grids

Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University , China

Mohd Hasan Ali

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2008 – 2009)

SMES for Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems

Assistant Professor,

University of South Carolina, USA

Ryan Y.W. Li


Postdoctoral Fellow

(2005 – 2007)

Advanced Controls for Current Source PWM Rectifier

Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

William C.W. Liu


Postdoctoral Fellow

(2004 – 2006)

High-Power Multilevel NPC Inverter Fed Drives

Assistant Professor

North China University of Technology, China

Linda Y.D. Li


M.A.Sc student

(2003 – 2005)

Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter Based STATCOM

Assistant Professor,  Heilongjiang University of Technology, China

David D.W. Xu

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2001 – 2003)

Super High Power AC Drive with Parallel CSI Drive

Assistant Professor,

Ryerson University, Canada

Current Research Team






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