About BMES


The Biomedical Engineering Society

A full-service professional society for biomedical engineering and bioengineering that was established in 1968. BMES has over 3000 members in North America consisting of students, university professors, industry professionals, doctors, and pharmaceutical and prosthetic companies. The vision of BMES is to serve as the lead society and professional home for biomedical engineering and bioengineering.


- To foster the translation of technology into the medical industry
- To promote education and diversity
- To hold top-quality scientific meetings
- To publish high quality scientific journals
- To optimize performance through recruitment
- To enhance the impact of biomedical engineering on society and healthcare

Ryerson University

The Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter

The BMES Student Chapter serves Ryerson as a foundation for BMES; uniting Ryerson's community and promoting the profession of biomedical engineering.

Ryerson BMES offers:

- The chance to publish articles
- To participate in a range of activities (tours, competitions, meetings, lectures)
- The chance to Network with professionals in the industry
- To Travel to annual student conferences
- To participate in a wide range of activities that can enhance your future career
- Become eligible for student awards
- Participate in development and leadership workshops
- Get involved with the society on a national and international level


Ryerson BMES Constitution and By-laws