2015 Academic Achievement Awards

The 2015 Academic Achievement Awards (programme) ceremony for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
was held on Nov. 27th, in the George Vari Centre for Computing and Engineering, Ryerson University.

Photo credit: Daniel Giannitelli.

Dimitri Androutsos, Chair

Pierre Lassonde Entrance Award in Engineering Recipients

Alison Doucette, and Ms. Jane Huang

Heqiang Lin and Mrs. Stalin Boctor

Jack Roy Longstaffe Memorial Scholarship recipient and Mrs. Janet Nankivell, Director, Development

Pouya Moayed Saffari and Mr. Kevin O’Neil

Deepkumar Dave and Dr. Mike Kassam

Dr. Fei Yuan and Xin Zhao

Giordano Arezza and Dr. Wallas Khella

Sulmaz Zahedi and Dr. Wallas Khella

Abdul Javid and Dr. David Xu

Brahmdeep Saini and Mr. Stephen Pumple

Sumanpreet Brhing and Mr. Stephen Pumple

Dr. Dimitri Androutsos and Undergraduate Academic Excellence award recipients

Undergraduate Academic Excellence award recipients

Dr. Amir Yazdani, Masoud Oveis-Gharan, Lilatul Ferdouse and Rafael Oliveira

Certificate of Appreciation presented to Mr. Peter Brosz, Mrs. Karen Boctor, Dr. Wallas Khella, Ms. Jane Huang, Mr. Kevin O’Neil, and Mr. Stephen Pumple